Star Wars and Titanic Scenes as 8-Bit Pixel Art

The year was 1997. George Lucas was mucking up his Star Wars trilogy, Titanic was beginning its march into box office history and I was a high schooler with patience, (too much) free time and a copy of Microsoft Paint. I'm not sure why I decided to make pixel art, but I did, and here it is:

The 8-Bit X Wing

An 8-bit X-Wing flies away from an exploding Deathstar.

I'm tempted to remove the shockwave from this picture, but that would make me a hypocrite. (Nerd notation: The 1997 re-release of Star Wars features a digitally-inserted shockwave that the original, 1977 version didn't have. I guess I was inspired by it 20 years ago. Today, oh how I wish for a high-quality copy of the theatrical version of Star Wars).

Iceberg, Right Ahead!

Pixel art of the Titanic as it approaches an iceberg.

This is my finest work of pixel art. I created this from my mind's eye and I remember the "breakthrough" that saved me days of work: Hold Shift + Arrow to paint the same color in a straight line. That was how I made the gradient between the sky and the ocean.

Millennium Falcon (Unfinished)

8-bit Millennium Falcon (unfinished).

I was a few pixels away from finishing my Millennium Falcon masterpiece when my AST Advantage 486 crashed and I lost my work. What you see here was the last time I had saved the file. Alas, I didn't have the time or the heart to finish this one.

Jabba the Head

8-bit Jabba the Hut artwork.

I made this Jabba the Hutt head hoping to swap it out with a friend's yearbook photo. Unfortunately, I couldn't pull it off.